louise mensch

I knew she wasn’t human and the picture at the top proves it.


In related news, the thing with all this photoshopping and airbrushing is that it’s getting kind of silly. At one time people would be airbrushed to look more attractive, now they are airbrushed to the point of looking synthesised, and to be honest it’s not very attractive. It’s kind of like the uncanny valley; yes it LOOKS human, but there’s something just not quite right which is really putting me off…

I unwillingly had a week out of my running schedule because my knee was aching and I didn’t want to incapacitate myself (again) for the interview I had last week. As far as I can tell, doing it every other day is okay for about a week, but then you need slightly longer to recover. It mounts up, one of the things is that your legs start to feel stiff, which seems to be a real problem because if your legs aren’t moving freely then your technique is going to be less elegant, and I think that has the effect with me that I land much heavier. Whereas when my legs feel free, I feel more like I am bouncing, when they are stiff, I feel like gravity is doing a lot more of the work and I aim to let it. Which isn’t good, because it puts a lot more stress on your body when you land. So whilst the stiffness in itself is not something to worry about, it needs to be considered anyway.

I started again on Thursday. I ran again yesterday (Saturday), and I ran for a whole five minutes without stopping. I don’t know if this sounds like a lot, but it is the first time I have managed it. It is a good feeling. PROGRESS. As well as the obvious benefits of getting outside and being more active, it also makes you feel like you have achieved something. It makes you feel good about yourself. This is particularly important for me right now. I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home, and more important, my heart was really really really pounding (like to the extent that I collapsed into a chair and when I looked down I could see my t-shirt bouncing up and down with my heartbeat), which is, umm, well, not the most pleasant sensation in the world and if I was a little older I think it would count as a health hazard, so I guess that I should probably be aiming slightly lower for now.


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