running roundup

As I have mentioned, I did indeed start running again last Monday.

I went Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

I am finding there is a very small margin between what I can do comfortably and what I can do very uncomfortably. On Friday I did a little more than I am used to, and I was completely knackered when I got home, my heart was pounding like crazy, and it took about 10-15 minutes before I felt comfortable again. Whereas on Saturday I only did slightly less and it was fine. I felt a little out of breath when I got home but I recovered almost instantly. What is the deal with this?

The good news is that I am experiencing a lot less muscle stiffness now. It used to be that I’d start running and my legs would suddenly turn to lead, which was because of the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), but I’m not really getting that anymore.

In other news there is an article on slashdot which is called “Why Star Wars should be left to the fans”. Star Wars absolutely should not be left to the fans. The fans are retarded. You know that Stormtrooper on Tatooine who appears and goes “look sir, droids!”, never to be seen again? He has a name. He has a back-story. His back-story is that he was some brilliant soldier quickly rising through the ranks until he became an AT-AT walker commander. He was in a battle simulation (thinking it was real) and decided to counter the attack by making the walker ‘crouch’. The reason he did this is because he reasoned that the aircraft he was being attacked by could launch cables and tie the walker’s legs together. [it turns out his CO didn’t like the fact he’d discovered a design weakness so he was shunted off to desert duty, which is probably like traffic duty for police officers]

I am not making this up.

WOW REALLY. It’s a mighty great coincidence that this minor character in the film whom someone decided needing a backing story just so happened to have devised the same novel attack against AT-AT walkers that was used in the second film. Who came up with this shit?

In related news, we recently replaced our old VHS Star Wars tapes with DVDs. We watched them last week. I remember being enthralled when I was a child. I didn’t notice that all the CGI George Lucas plastered onto the re-release looks completely blatant and out of place. Also I don’t remember the third film being quite so long and self indulgent. Sadly, the version we now have has Anakin Skywalker from the prequels cut and pasted into the end scene. LAME. But one is inclined to overlook some of these things for the fact we see Princess Leia in a bikini and on a leash. AT THE SAME TIME.


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