One of the most terrible developments in recent history is the number of serious news sites which take readers’ comments on their articles. You came here for quality journalism, so here’s the random thoughts of a bunch of people with nothing better to do than to write to us.

Around this time of year the audience shifts its attention to A-level results and how children are as stupid as ever, IN FACT PROBABLY MORE STUPID, but they are still getting better grades, HOW CAN THIS BE. Mostly the utterances comprise rants of several lines, as coherent as they are correctly spelt, and punctuated with everything but sensible punctuation. Don’t you just hate, people who use commas, in the wrong places? It makes me want to scream. WHAT ARE YOU DOING. WHY DO YOU THINK I WANT TO PAUSE THERE. The worst are people who use carriage returns to word wrap.

It looks like
the worst poetry
I have ever

You’re so kind, but my browser is already capable of determining where to break a line.

I get so fed up of seeing the A-level moaning. Nobody who is secure in themselves spends their time trying to put down a whole generation’s intellectual abilities. If lots of people got good A level results then good for them. I guess. I don’t really care. But I also know very well that they are not easy; if they were easy I would have got good results. I didn’t do any work and I didn’t get good results. Other people did work hard and got good results. It seems like a fair system to me.


I like blogging

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