dear slashdot,

Dear Slashdot, your continued thinly disguised support for the England rioters/looters is on par with other editorial bloomers such as that made by the Daily Mail in the 1930s when they decided that that Hitler chap was probably a bit of all right, and the time Rebekah Brooks (who is definitely a bit of all right) decided that hacking a dead girl’s phone was a pretty good way to investigate a story. Do some research. You look ridiculous. England isn’t V for Vendetta.

Unrelated picture:

It’s sad to see that Louise Mensch has suggested shutting off access to Twitter and Facebook in times of crisis, but let’s not blow the story up: she’s just an ambitious but utterly clueless backbencher who doesn’t have half as much potential as she thinks she does, and probably won’t even be a politician in ten years’ time. No one had really heard of her until a few months ago, partly because she’s quite new to politics, and in the time that she’s been in the spotlight she’s not done herself any favours. She has made it very clear that she cares more about publicity than anything else, and this is her undoing: she is not a marketable person. As well as being incompetent (see Piers Morgan fiasco), she is incredibly irritating. It’s one thing to get a leaflet through the door with her pretty face on it* and say “yeah I’ll vote for her”, quite another to see her on TV acting like a smug twelve year old who’s decided she knows everything. She is making a name for herself, but it is not a name which commands any respect.

* For the record, I don’t find her at all pretty, but I appear to be in a minority.


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