I hate computers.


This story is interesting because it has parallels to disclosure of vulnerabilities in software. There are multiple schools of thought, but one is that if you find a problem you should tell everyone REALLY LOUDLY. That’s what this guy did and it seems to have resulted in no-one caring except the people who could exploit it. Also please let me register my dissatisfaction, BBC, that you have provided us with a phone hacking story and omitted to include a photo of Rebekah Brooks. Where is my license fee being spent? If you think I wish to look at Steven Nott, you are sadly mistaken.

In other news: I hate computers. It is now official. I upgraded to KDE 4.7 and it has been a disaster. All the simple things are broken. Stuff like if I try to mousewheel-over my desktop to cycle through the desktops, occasionally I go from desktop #1 to desktop #2 to desktop #6 when I was obviously expecting to end up at #3. The task bar is broken too, it often allocates space to windows that no longer exist, and it seems to have issues with windows wanting focus. Maybe it’s because I use Kubuntu, but their 4.6 packages were fine.

I started using Kmail (mail client) and it too has been a disaster. It was trashing my emails (and I don’t mean moving to the trash folder, I mean deleting with no trace) when I tried to spam-filter them. I found it was because of the “pipe through” filter (the spam filtering pipes the email through “spamassassin -L”), no matter what command you pipe the mail through, kmail just trashes it. Even “cat -“. I upgraded to Kmail2 (unstable) and the filtering works okay there, but it refuses to link my sent mail folder to the server’s sent mail folder. Do I have to use Thunderbird? Probably.

As well as avoiding breaking simple things, I also wish the KDE team would do something about the abysmal performance. If I have a few KDE/Qt4 windows open, the GUI goes painfully sluggish. I have a computer that can render complex 3D games in real time, yet it can’t display a few buttons acceptably? Right.

Then I played TF2 this evening and in the middle of a game my computer just rebooted itself. There are no logs on what happened.


In other other news: My calf muscles also hate me. Although they probably feel like I hate them. I was doing three sessions of exercise a day but I have cut it down to two because I have made the two longer, and really, my muscles can only take so much. I am now doing 30-40 minutes each time. It seems like quite a long time.


I like blogging

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