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So today I did 1h and yesterday I did 1h 5 minutes. I am doing 3 sessions a day averaging about 15-20 minutes. I am thinking after I can get the time up a bit I might start running, like, outside. I would like to. We shall see. [edit: I am talking about exercise. Yes. It might have helped if I had mentioned that.]

The phone hacking story has gone so boring. Louise Mensch/Bagshawe is odious. I can’t be the only person to think this. She jumped into the spotlight when she semi-quoted Piers Morgan’s book in parliament saying that he boasted about using phone hacking. Then when questioned on this outside parliament she decided she couldn’t quote the book again because she didn’t have parliamentary privilege protecting her and she might get prosecuted. Err, you do not need parliamentary privilege to quote a source which is available in bookshops. Either the book says what you say it does and parliamentary privilege is unnecessary, or it does not say what you say it does, and you’d get sued if you ordinarily claimed it did. Obviously, as it turned out, it did not.

I can’t stand her. She is unapologetically smug and she appears to revel in confrontation when she knows she’s going to ‘win’, if such a thing is possible. She has the air of a student who’s just joined a debating society and desperately wants to prove someone else wrong in the most condescending fashion possible. The video of her confronting Piers Morgan via a CNN interview is interesting viewing because she starts it off with a smirk which gratingly says “I’m right and I’m going to enjoy being right”, which disappears around the time that Piers Morgan reads out the part of his book she alludes to and notes the glaring absence of any of the incriminating claims she alleged existed in the passage. She still stands her ground though, which is a rather moronic thing to do when the entirety of the evidence for your position has just been refuted. At this point you either apologise or say “okay, I’ll check that and get back to you”. But not if you’re Louise Mensch.

And for the record, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he does get implicated in the phone hacking. He has made a few interesting statements in passing in some Daily Mail articles which would be worth investigating, but still, if you use a highly televised and reported on event to slander someone without checking your sources, you are a cretin.

Many people don’t hold this opinion though. Many people quite like her because 1) she went up against Piers Morgan, and 2) she’s rather attractive (in their opinion). As for the former, the fact she went against Piers and Piers was the one who ended up looking reasonable says all you need to know. I find the latter point completely baffling. It is not just that I don’t find her attractive, which admittedly I don’t in the slightest, but it is more that she is an MP who acted so irresponsibly and so disrespectfully to the notion of verifiable fact as to be a disgrace to the whole system, not least to those who elected her, and you can’t simply overlook that because you think she’s pretty. Yes, I know, I think Rebekah Brooks is hot, but she was privately employed and has obligations to nobody but herself. Therein lies the key difference.

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