So if you knew one country on the list had a PM who owns half the media and has a dubious penchant for underage girls, which one would you guess it was?

In other news, there is a games company called Ubisoft who are releasing some game with terrible DRM requiring a constantly active network connection. It is quite likely that a certain hacking group will DDoS the servers on the day of release. But I don’t recommend this option. It 1) is illegal, 2) disrupts people who just want to play the game, and 3) generates publicity *for* the game. A better avenue for protest is Amazon reviews. If the average review score is lowered, then a lot of casual/uninformed shoppers are just going to skip over it because it has only one star. This is honest and fair, because restrictive DRM does severely degrade the quality of the experience and therefore the value of the game (as a product). If you agree, write a quick review saying so.

In other other news, I have been EXERCISING. We have a step machine (stepping? stepper?). I used it yesterday for 10 + 2*15 minutes (40), and today for 20 + 15*2 minutes (50). What I hope to gain from this is general physical well-being (and stamina). I will start work at some point and it will probably kill me, so I thought it would help if I was in better physical shape. Not that I am fat, in fact on a scale of 1-10, my fatness is 0. I am in deficit of fat. But that doesn’t mean I am in good shape, because it turns out there’s more to ‘good shape’ than ‘not being fat’. Your body has to learn how to efficiently turn oxygen into activity and it doesn’t do that by simply not being fat. Also, it might make me feel better about myself just if I’m doing something other than F5ing Slashdot when I’m bored. I wouldn’t say it has so far made me feel better. It has made me feel noticeably more tired. And my calf muscles ache a bit. urrrrrrgh. But this is good I think. It means it is having an effect.


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