we so excited


Dave is in the front seat,
Gordon’s in the back seat…

A few days ago Rebekah Brooks’ husband accidentally gave away a bag of electronics to the police. It’s possibly he was trying to remove some things in case their flat was searched. Somehow he ended up leaving the bag somewhere, and the apartment’s security picked it up and gave it over to the police instead of giving it back to him. I can’t fault him for the sentiment; computers are private and contain a lot of stuff that’s no one else’s business and it must be difficult to back up all the stuff you don’t want to lose if all your hardware is going to be confiscated. And it is wrong that the police now have a bunch of electronics which probably don’t concern them, because they’ve completely avoided the small amount of accountability they’d be held to in having to obtain a warrant.

But really, Rebekah, it just goes to show that you should leave your bumbling husband and come and live with me. I can’t train horses like he can, but as far as I know, you’re not a horse. I can take care of all your computer woes like he can’t. In exchange I get to play with your hair. Yes?


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