Rebekah Brooks

To be honest I don’t really care that much about phone hacking. I was initially vaguely interested and maybe something approaching outraged, but it subsided a few minutes after I realised it didn’t affect me. I probably care about it even less than I cared about the MP expenses thing, and like the expenses thing it looks set to run and run. But if I can turn on the TV and have a pretty good chance of seeing Rebekah Brooks then as far as I’m concerned that’s a license fee well spent. I don’t know if it’s the mass of red hair or the (probably) unintentional coyness or the fact she’s an evil and ruthless bitch, but oh my god, HOT.

I just wish they’d crop Rupert Murdoch’s animated corpse out of the frame.


Although I probably would if Rupert Murdoch was the object of my affections.

Update: Oh dear she’s been arrested. That is a shame. How is this relationship going to work if you’re in jail, Rebekah?

Update #2: Charlie Brooker’s take on the matter is, as usual, hilarious.


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