why steam (and 2 factor authentication) still sucks

I am trying to use my remaining £3.71 to buy something in the Steam sale (actually for my sister). I want to log in via the website as I am currently in Linux. To do this, as well as entering my password, it wants to send me an email with a code in it, which I have to enter into the login screen. This is basically 2 factor authentication. It authenticates by something you know (a password) and something you have (in this case, access to a specific email address, although usually you use some kind of special hardware token or a phone or something). This is okay. It happened a few days ago as well. It worked fine. But not today. It is not sending that email. I cannot log in. Thanks Steam. And, no, it is not in my spam folder. I am not a complete idiot.

I’ve never really seen the point of two factor stuff. I can see a huge potential downside when you haven’t got the ‘something you have’ with you (or it just doesn’t work, like now), like phones. I don’t want to carry my phone everywhere. I hate phones. I don’t want to have to use my phone to log into something. I barely know how to use my phone and I don’t trust it to work at any given time. There are too many points of failure. And I hate phones. With a passion usually reserved only for right wing people. And I don’t see that it really offers a lot more security than, you know, a well chosen password. Bah. As if my Steam password is well chosen. Oh well at least the chances of anyone guessing the username are next to zero.

Also, there’s a big backlash in TF2 against the ‘F2P’ (free to play) influx of players to such an extent some servers are banning them! This is hilarious. I’m F2P (well I upgraded, but I only started playing with F2P) and my grenade launcher is still owning most of you. It turns out most FPS games aren’t really sufficiently different from one another to make it so hard to switch, despite the Team Fortress 2 elite’s delusions. If I could mid air someone moving in three dimensions at 100m in Tribes 2, I can bloody well hit you at 10m with a grenade launcher when you’re moving in two. Also some of us were playing TFC back in 1999 or whenever. Some of us remember the escort the civilian game mode. Some of us remember concussion grenade jumps. Some of us happen to think that 2fort sucked twelve years ago and it’s not got any better*. So what I’m saying here, TF2 elitists, is that this is in fact my lawn and I’d be grateful if you’d vacate it.

ps: overzealous wikipedia editors, please don’t cite me as an authoritative or interesting source on 2 factor authentication. I know what you’re like.
*actually this is a lie, I used to think 2fort was great. I don’t know why.


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