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Today I noticed one of the yahoo pulse updates from a ‘contact’, I don’t know why she is a contact, I do not recall adding her and it does not appear to be requited. It was one of yahoo’s things where they tie in updates from their news services, where you can comment on news articles. Anyway, her updates were from today about the strike action in the UK viewed through the eyes of Americans, who have absolutely no connection to the UK apart from the odd news article that piques their intrest. The girl had given lots of ‘thumbs up’ to all the comments talking about how socialism is to blame. I am reminded of this HIGNFY video:


Then I looked down the list of updates and I see she has also given a ‘thumbs up’ to a comment summarised thus:

Why is it so hard , for people to believe in the Bible? What the big bang is a better story? That some astroid hit EARTH AND WE JUST KIND OF HAPPENED AND WE CAME FROME APE’S AND WE EVOLVED FROM THEM? THEN WHY ARE THERE STILL APE’S? OH AND BY…

Tragic. I made use of Yahoo’s ‘like’ system to ‘like’ it as ‘sad’. Yes, there’s a ‘sad’ option. I’m pretty sure they intended it to be used in this exact situation.

BTW I’ve noticed that WordPress seems to be running Flash ads occasionally. This isn’t my fault but I apologise profusely if you are assaulted by one. It appears to be served by a company called UnrulyMedia rather than WordPress itself. Please look into ad-blocking or script blocking extensions for your browser.


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