seems like since last year we’ve got into something of a hacking epidemic. Anonymous got the ball rolling last year with a number of hacks and DDoS attacks, but since then Sony has been hacked about a bajillion times, Nintendo was hacked, PBS News was hacked, and the Canadian PM’s site was hacked, the NHS was supposedly kind-of-hacked. Anonymous is back now attacking the Turkish government or something.

I just want to point out to anyone interested in getting involved with this stuff, since I’m *still* getting traffic for all the Anonymous stuff, is that although it sounds generally like the kind of hilarity enjoyed by most people who don’t take the internet too seriously, it is in fact illegal and might carry jail time. You have pretty much no protection should anyone wish to actually investigate you. You don’t have anonymity on the internet: you just have the probability that you’ll never attract the attention of anyone with the power to subpoena your ISP. And that works most of the time but it gets a bit less reliable if you are breaking the law, especially if you’re breaking the law in a way that’s currently attracting tonnes of media coverage. And if you are attacking someone’s server it’s going to be leaving your IP address all over its logs.

so I guess what I’m saying is I’m not your mother (or am I?) so do what you want, but don’t do it under the assumption that you’re invincible.


Bonus album review: Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising
pretty good! I still think Once Sent From The Golden Hall is their best, but still pretty good. I’m glad they play in B now. It coincides with my 7 string.


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  1. Arntr says:

    Hey guys i knw how to hack it Better : Hi-Coder.com

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