tribes :o

I found out today there’s a real sequel in development for Tribes 2. Assuming it doesn’t turn out like the last time someone decided to make a sequel to Tribes 2, this is really cool!

Tribes 2 is largely responsible for the fact I don’t play games anymore. It’s just hard to get excited about them when you’ve seen how awesome they can be, but are currently failing to be. Tribes was basically an art form. You spent most of your time flying aroud with a jetpack while trying to shoot someone out of the air with a slow moving projectile, trying to prevent them from doing the same to you, and trying to plot a route so that you’d be moving as fast as possible when you inevitably hit the ground. It incorporated a gameplay mechanic called skiing which let you traverse the terrain quickly if you used the curvature of the terrain in tandem with your jetpack to build up some momentum, and use the upward slopes to launch yourself high into the air. Gameplay was fast and frantic and completely unfair to newbies: There would usually be about 800 things happening at once and you get into a kind of zone where you subconsciously prioritise and blank out everything that’s not immediately important, but things change fast. It’s pretty awesome.

You can’t get a good idea unless you see it in action. Watch out for the flag passes; they are pretty hard to follow, and even harder to pull off.


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