Come on, £9000 is ridiculous. I paid about £1200 per year and I feel that this is a reasonable figure for what they provided. But I think that my university was a lot more into the actual teaching side of things than many other universities. My sister pays that much at a top-5-or-something university, where she is a final year student. She has had approximately 5-6 hours of teaching time per week, she rarely sees her dissertation supervisor and her dissertation is only 5000 words long. Her word limit is ‘between 4000 and 8000’. This seems amazing to me. I did not go to a top-5-or-something university*. I had more like 20 hours of teaching a week, I saw my supervisor every week, and my dissertation was 12,500 words long (that was the limit) and a further 5,000 lines of code.

£9000 would be a bad rate for what I got, but for what my sister gets at a supposedly highly prestigious university, it’s simply ridiculous.

*Not because I am an idiot, a fact which is incidental, but because when I was 17 I had better things to do than memorize my biology, computing and physics syllabi. I exclude maths because somehow I actually ended up learning something in maths. I feel the university admission criterion is flawed. The correct answer to the question “you are 17, are you studying?” is “no”.


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