if you’re curious about pi, don’t watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YsM4ElTJcE, unless you happen to think that Frasier’s ex-wife is underrepresented in mathematical education.

handy hint: if ever you’re in a maths exam and you forget what pi is, just use 3.

damnit I’m eight minutes late

People have compared me to:
* Maggie Gyllenhaal
* Marilyn Manson
* Carl Sagan
* Hillary Clinton
* Noam Chomsky
* Janeane Garofalo
* Lady Gaga
* Janet Reno
* Jeff Goldblum
* Lilith Sternin
* Daria Morgendorffer
* Meg Griffin


and damnit I’m not even original.

watch this instead:


I like blogging

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