raymond davis

For those of you not aware, Raymond Davis is the American who shot two people in Pakistan. It’s simply astonishing how the US has and is acting here.

The guy was illegally carrying a weapon in a foreign country and he used it to shoot two people. He claims it was in self defence but he also admits he shot one person in the back while he (the victim) was running away. America may have fairly liberal laws on when you may shoot someone, but in socially developed countries, shooting someone in the back is not self defence.

Apparently, immediately after shooting them he went and took photos of them with his phone (one of whom was still alive — who the fuck walks over to a dying man, pulls out their phone, and takes pictures of him?!); then he radioed for backup from whomever he works for and next thing a big 4×4, allegedly with fake registration plates, comes down the road on the wrong side, knocks over and kills a bystander, doesn’t manage to rescue him, then flees. Then he attempts to flee too, but gets caught. It later turns out that he had various stuff stored in his car: yet another gun (how many do you need?), military knives, loads of ammunition (including for an M-16 which as you all know from playing too many computer games when you were a teenager is an assault rifle), a ‘facial disguise’ and a camera full of photographs of religious buildings.

Now America thinks Pakistan is being unreasonable in ignoring his alleged ‘diplomatic immunity’! This doesn’t exactly sound like someone on legit business, it sounds like someone with a James Bond complex. Couple that with military experience in the special forces and former employment with a mercenary group and his status as a diplomat vs murderous psychopath/terrorist looks pretty shaky. But does America acknowledge that? Oh no. Does it instead pull out the legitimate documents to show that he was really a diplomat and was acting entirely legally? I think we’d forgive Pakistan for being unwilling to respect such a status, but it turns out America can’t actually produce any such documents anyway, it would rather just stamp its feet and makes a fuss and try to stir up some kind of anti-Pakistan sentiment.

What’s most incredible is that this is the official stance of America; this isn’t some behind the scenes bullying, Hillary Clinton herself is publicly advertising the fact America feels it its god given right to operate in Pakistan with no respect to Pakistan’s local laws, judicial system, or even America’s own laws. That’s not exactly going to do you any favours, is it? Furthermore it looks like some US news outlets discovered he was actually the head of CIA operations in the area (which would explain America’s staunch response to his arrest), and they were censored by the US government. Land of the free, eh? We don’t even need Wikileaks for this one, Hillary Clinton is doing it all herself.

He should consider himself lucky he’s getting held in a proper jail and getting a proper trial, and hasn’t disappeared off to god knows where to be tortured, which wouldn’t necessarily be the case were the situation reversed. The occupants of the 4×4 have allegedly fled Pakistan and are back in America. I presume that America will be honouring its extradition treaty?

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5 comments on “raymond davis
  1. Redrake says:

    Well, USA has a nasty reputation when it comes to crimes committed by its citizens in foreign countries. As in, they do not allow US citizens to be put on trial in foreign courts or if they do, they make pressure so that a lenient conviction is granted. Some time ago, some US marines raped and killed some japanese girls. The punishment they received was very lenient. Several years ago a drunk marine killed in an accident a romanian rock singer and US immediately sent him across the ocean where a kangaroo court acquitted him.
    The list goes on and on.

  2. laeknishendr says:

    [citation needed]

  3. peterjensen says:

    I am surprised you are surprised, for what is sauce for the goose is definitely not sauce for the American gander. You remember the fuss America made about the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the man who was dubiously convicted of downing PanAm flight 103 and killing all those people? They wanted him severely punished for what he did. Do you remember, however, the downing of Iran flight 655, another civilian airliner on an equally legitimate flight? Even more innocent civilians were killed; 290, including 66 children. Guess what happened to the people who did that. They were given medals by the US Government; they were the crew of the USS Vincennes.

    Talking of severe punishment for heinous crimes, do you remember William Calley, of My Lai massacre fame? 500 civilians, mostly women, children, infants and the elderly, were murdered by US troops. Calley was found guilty, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. It was, however, soon reduced to three and a half years house arrest. Calley was still alive and well when I last heard. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. laeknishendr says:

    Thank you for your comment! I don’t actually ‘remember’ those things because *shock* I’m too young. So in that respect, they aren’t things I can feel any real connection to, and in fact, from my perspective, it just represents a different time period. This is exactly the reason I’m surprised something similar is happening *now*, probably naively!

    And I am also surprised that this incident seems to have seen little recognition in the UK. It bothered me enough to write the above, but it doesn’t seem to have captured the interest of everyone else.

  5. peterjensen says:

    I’m sorry; I forgot, for a moment, that I am old! Google “USS Vincennes” and “My Lai” for information about these two events. America evidently views these killings as minor misdemeanours, because the killers were American and the victims were not. Had it been the other way round, America would, I am sure, have regarded them as major massacres. By the way, I am NOT anti-American; I am anti-hypocrisy.

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