since getting linked to by a couple of high profile sites, I think my google ranking has gone up. As a result I am seeing a lot of strange search engine traffic. Here are my favourite search terms by which people have found my blog:

evil pope
the pope is evil
is the pope evil
the pope looks evil
evil pope pictures

fallout new vegas nazis
a game like fallout but with zombies
are there zombies in fallout new vegas

is new iron maiden cd good
are iron maiden nazi

nazi zombies
zombie nazis
the secret to nazi zombies
nazi zombies halting problem

spider nazi zombie
same ip nazi zombies
what is my ip nazi zombies

“into her sentences”
topless page 3 women
who is going to sue acs law
time travel possible acs:law

possibly some of you are not finding what you are looking for despite the fact my blog comes up when you search these things. I am very sorry but not so sorry that I’m going to refrain from posting a list of useless keywords.

Although just so i’m being vaguely useful:

  • The pope is actually Satan
  • Fallout does not have zombies (or nazis)
  • The new Iron Maiden CD is pretty good
  • Iron Maiden are not nazis
  • Your IP is
  • the nazis didn’t make zombies. Something that lumbers around a battlefield at 1 mile per year looking for brains with half its limbs falling off probably wasn’t deemed worthy of further research in the age of tanks and rockets
  • Nazi zombies have not yet contributed much to the halting problem, but anything’s possible I guess

I like blogging

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