How bizarre is this…


I have always found anime disturbing, and now I find it even more disturbing.

Also, here are my view stats for the last month.

The first spike, which now looks rather pathetic, is from when Slyck linked to me on the ACS:Law thing. I thought 400 pageviews in a day was pretty astronomical. But the Gene Simmons article got me cited on Gizmodo, which seems to have given me about 4000 pageviews in total. It’s even got me cited under Wikipedia’s Anonymous article but they’ll probably dump me in a review. And yes, my average daily pageview count when I’m not being linked to by popular websites is about 5 on a good day. There’s probably an interesting research paper in the difference in the time-quantity distributions between Slyck and Gizmodo. But I’m not going to write it.

I like blogging

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