au revoir your popeliness

The pope is now old news, but it was a little bothersome to see the BBC pandering to him so much, especially the regional news last night where he was basically treated as some kind of holy celebrity and they interviewed lots of people saying “I’m so amazed I got to see the pope, it was amazing”, with no regard for whether a cancerous religion really has any place in this country. Let’s just remember we’re talking about the man who represents an organisation which takes poor people’s money on the pretence that it increases their chances of posthumous reward, thinks that women are somehow lesser beings than men, thinks that women who become unwantedly pregnant should be forced to allow the formation of a child regardless of her physical, mental, or financial situation, thinks condoms are evil and increase HIV transmission(?!), thinks gay people are the spawn of satan and should be treated so, and thinks that secular thought and the failure to indoctrinate children is one of the world’s pressing evils.

And yeah, the child abuse thing is thrown out of sensible proportion, but the pope reacted less than admirably about the whole thing. He has ordered members of the church to not cooperate with police, failure to comply threatened with excommunication. When it became clear a high ranking catholic really was abusing children, the pope (who was not then pope) said that “such a close friend of the pope cannot be allowed to be put on trial”. He only appears to have changed his tune on the issue due to social pressure.

He has spread the myth to poorly educated countries that condom usage increases the chance of HIV. It’s one thing to tolerate religion and religious ideas when they don’t directly affect you, but the fact is that the pope and his cronies are personally responsible for a large number of people catching HIV. It is criminally negligent to ‘tolerate’ that. It is one thing to be misinformed, but exactly how is it plausible that he could genuinely think that condoms increase HIV? I can see that in third world countries predisposed towards cargo cult religions, an authority coming there and telling you that using condoms gives you HIV, but the pope is an educated man from a first world country. It’s far more likely he sees HIV as a convenient punishment for ‘immoral’ behaviour.

The pope is not a good man; if he was anyone else, he would be a criminal. There are benign, respectable and possibly even charming religions … Catholicism isn’t one of them.

Also, as for the ‘new and aggressive secularism gripping the UK’… I’d like to congratulate everyone for the good work.


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