still nope pope

the catholic church has to be one of the more bizarre organisations around

It’s got its own city
It has its own structured ranking hierarchy
It has its own silly, impractical uniform
It’s very secretive
It makes vast sums of money through dubious means
The main purpose of its existence seems to be to enact its mission to control people’s thoughts.

The pope is almost like a Bond villain. Most evil geniuses look comically evil. The problem with the pope is he looks genuinely evil. I don’t believe in the Antichrist, but if I did, the pope would be high on the list of suspects (after Ned Flanders) based solely on his appearance.

Apparently, you are not allowed to attend the coming outdoor mass in possession of animals, candles or alcohol. These things are deemed dangerous. On Mock the Week tonight, Ed Byrne comically remarked “why do they ban that stuff but let catholic priests in?”. I think it’s brilliant how you have to pay for a ticket to attend. It is so anti-Christian. Also, the pope-mobile: nothing quite demonstrates your faith in the almighty’s appointment of yourself like sitting behind several inches of bullet proof glass.

Also, it’s a bit rich that we let him come here despite heading up one of the less respectable organisations in our world… and the first thing he does is call me, and millions of others here, Nazis! And apparently we’re the problems here!

In related news: Baroness Warsi on Newsnight tonight. Oh she squirmed. After a while of being interviewed by Emily Maitlis (and throwing ‘Emily’ into her sentences seemingly at random, to the obvious irritation of Emily) about her crackpot idea that ‘faith’ should play a larger role in society, Emily asked her straight up what her opinion was on the fact that religious freedom was incompatible with equality legislation. Warsi of course, as we know, is a Muslim and to her embarrassment, has previously made it far more plain than was politically wise what her opinions on homosexuality are. Confusion ensued from her onwards because Warsi decided to make up and answer her own questions, but unfortunately neglected to tell either the viewer or Emily Maitlis what question she was actually answering. From this I think we can safely infer that Warsi doesn’t care much about equality and would rather go back to freely discriminating against people on religious grounds. And I agree, people should be free to discriminate against Sayeeda Warsi on whatever grounds they see fit, religion is just one of the many available. I would favour citing the fact she’s a moron; she’s just a token gesture by the conservatives to try to appear modern by having someone who’s both ASIAN, and FEMALE. 2 in 1, you don’t have to waste any other valuable cabinet slots that way.

But I’m not too supportive of legalising discrimination on arbitrary grounds to everyone nationally.

It’s fortunate for Britain in general that she’s not a talented or charismatic politician and made an ass out of herself instead of pulling it off and giving the impartial/undecided viewer the impression she was talking sense.


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