America represents a clear and present danger

the United States can arrest Assange on their territory without their knowledge or approval. In 1989, the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel issued a memorandum entitled “Authority of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Override International Law in Extraterritorial Law Enforcement Activities.”

“the FBI may use its statutory authority to investigate and arrest individuals for violating United States law, even if the FBI’s actions contravene customary international law”.

If I am reading this correctly, the US feels its own local law overrides international law, outside its own borders. How exactly would the US feel if China sent in its own law enforcement and started kidknapping US citizens for violating chinese law? Or if Saudi Arabia tried the same stunt?

The article concludes with “WikiLeaks represents a clear and present danger”. The article should be retitled “America represents a clear and present danger”.

This is ‘only’ an opinion piece but they are still granting the man an entirely undeserved platform. Anyone who is left of Hitler and who has a subscription to the Washington Post should be cancelling it right now.

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