ian tomlinson


(notice I am now linking to the Guardian instead of the BBC due to their hideous website redesign, plus they deserve it for all the work they did on making this story come to light)

Absolutely disgraceful.

Raoul Moat shoots a policeman and overnight they have about 50% of the country’s police force relocated to several square miles in Northumbria to search for him.
Ian Tomlinson is attacked in an unprovoked incident by a policeman and dies shortly after as a result, and it takes a year to decide there won’t be any charges pressed because a dodgy-as-fuck pathologist who was known to have been writing bullshit reports for 11 years disagreed with two other pathologists thereby making a ‘conflict’.

what the fuck.

Yes there’s a conflict. That’s the way it works. There are two sides. One tries to convict someone and the other tries not to convict him. Then the jury weighs up the evidence and supposedly reaches the right decision. In this case, the Crown Prosecution Service presumably has taken on the role of jury themselves and completely subverted the legal process. In one single report they have destroyed their credibility, their respect, and they have done this to protect one thug who should never have been in the police in the first place.

In Canada (Toronto) recently they also had some G20 event, and, this seems to have escaped a lot of news (I heard about it on Dinosaur Comics), they tried to lock down the whole city as a police state to increase security. The result of which was the total opposite as citizens rightly objected to this and the police weren’t either capable of or interested in distinguishing between peaceful protesters and actual threats, so they basically incited violence and gave a lot of it out themselves. It was a total clusterfuck which came about only because the police did not seem to be aware that they were only going to incite opposition by using disproportionate force. The outcome to that is that the police have lost a lot of respect and will find their job in future a lot more difficult because the public will be unsympathetic to them.

This is similar to what UK policing has been like at protest events in recent years. It starts off peaceful then the police come in all fired up and looking for a fight, and do their outright best to escalate the whole thing into violence. There’s no shortage of footage on Youtube of the police going out of their way to cause trouble at climate protests. A lot of them remove their identification numbers (which is illegal) because the riot squads tend to be made up of ex military types and thugs, both of whom are just looking for a fight, and they know what they are likely to be doing is borderline illegal and they don’t want to be identified. They very promptly remove anyone filming them asking for their number.

This was really the ‘big’ event, there were a bunch of smaller ones showing unprovoked attacks which failed to get any real results against those responsible, and failure to bring charges against this one is utterly disgusting. If manslaughter is not sufficient, what exactly will riot police have to do before they have to take any kind of responsibility for their actions? And David Cameron wonders why Raoul Moat had 35,000 fans on facebook.


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