I am so glad this fecking weather is cooling down.

I have a thermometer on a clock (it’s a terrible clock, but it has a thermometer) and the last few nights it has been 27.something degrees in my room, which is horrible to try to sleep in. The only way to cool my room down is to leave my windows open overnight (when the air outside is cold) but my curtains pretty much prevent any air flow and if I leave them open at all I am awoken at 4 AM when the sun decides it’s time to shine in my face, and let’s not forget all the pigeons who live above my window decide it’s time to start talking to each other, a problem made worse by having the window open.

I’m going to bed now and it’s 24.8 degrees C.

here’s an educational clip about pigeons

in other news, I enjoyed the latest pictures for sad children

“i think i might be a misogynist now”
“well then you can sleep on the couch”


I like blogging

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