i <3 pigeons

PIDGINS! we all love pidgins. But in fact I am going to talk about pigeons, I am sorry to disappoint all the linguists who read my blog. We have in the back garden a bird-table! It is a little table. For birds. We put food on it. It turns out they eat anything, it started off as just bread but they also like pizza, cold chicken, fat from meat, Victoria sponge cake, pretty much anything. There are a few types of bird that frequent our humble table but the best ones are pigeons.

I love pigeons. They are the most wonderful creature on the earth. I love the way they walk, I love the way they look like they desperately need arms, I love the way they stretch their neck out to make themselves look taller, I love the way the pattern on their feathers makes them look like they’re wearing a smart jacket. I love the way they fly down and land on the bird table then take about 30 seconds to realise the bread is behind them. I love the way they look down their beak at you. I especially love the way they come and land on the bird table and then look in at us while WE’RE eating.

Mostly they swoop down, take a few pecks, then fly off again. Some particularly greedy birds try to take large pieces of food with them (with varying degrees of success). But there’s one particular one around here who happily sits eating for 10 minutes at a time. He is recognisable because he has an injured leg and hobbles around in a way that’s quite painful to watch. You’d think this might have a detrimental effect upon his survivability, but he’s definitely one of the fatter pigeons around here so he must be doing okay. Yesterday there was a stale french loaf on the bird-table. It was probably about 6 inches long. He came to the table about the same time I started eating dinner and over the next 20 minutes he kept pecking at the french loaf. After a little while it became obvious he wasn’t just eating the loaf as haphazardly as you’d expect, he was only interested in the crust. Over the course of dinner he peckpeckpecked and removed the entire crust. After there was no more crust left he flew off leaving behind a fluffy white cylinder. You don’t expect them to be so particular. I saw him come back today but there was nothing on the bird table. It took him about a minute to notice though.

We also have a bird-bath but it’s rarely got any water in it. Regularly you can see a pigeon standing in it, though. It’s a hilarious sight because it’s like they are standing in a giant dish, and they look so proud and stuck up about it.

I worry our bird table does not give them a balanced diet :( I hope they eat other things too.


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