spiders :(

Last night just as I had got into bed, I turned to switch off my light and noticed a scurring dark shape on the floor. it stopped just by my plush Taz’s foot (paw?). Upon further investigation, this turned out to be a rather large and frankly disturbing looking spider!

I managed to trap it under a glass (actually it was pretty fast and I missed it first time but lucky for me it decided to turn around and run into the open instead of going under my bed, which would have horrified me) and went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep with it only a metre away from me, so I had to get up about 20 minutes later and do the old card-under-the-glass trick, then I went and flushed it down the toilet. It looked less imposing when it was drowning and I felt a little guilty, but I decided that killing smaller animals you find threatening while you have the advantage is a necessary trait for long term survival and now isn’t the time to question millions of years of evolution. Honestly I hate killing spiders but this was one I did not want to see again.

I have some photos of it (I wanted to find out what exactly it was, although I haven’t really found anything on the internet that looks exactly the same) but I doubt anyone really wants to see. I think it was probably the “giant house spider”. There’s a strange juxtapose between the “giant” and “house spider” parts of its name. But I’m not sure because apparently they’re a bit hairy and I didn’t think this one was.

I fucking hate spiders. Honestly I wish I had a shotgun or something. Now I’m paranoid it laid eggs.

edit the next day: I found another one this morning, I think it was the same sort but it was a lot smaller. I evicted it before it could grow. It can grow as big as it wants now just as long as it stays outside.


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One comment on “spiders :(
  1. Simone says:

    Ha! I saw an interview on tv with a spider expert who said the average house has 30,000 spiders in it! Let’s say he made a mistake and it’s only half that amount – still, 15,000 spiders is creepy.

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