ashes to ashes spoiler alert zomg

SOMETHING ODD happened today. Earlier, I was cooking (yes) and I had popped the sweetcord and the peas into a pan of boiling water. Sometimes we have mixed veg (i.e. a single pack of peas/sweetcorn/carrots) etc but today they were separate. There were no carrots. But for a good 10 seconds, every time I looked into the pan, I could see little choppings of carrots.
OR COULD I? Well obviously I couldn’t because there were no carrots, but I was perfectly aware there were no carrots and still it persisted. Every time I tried to look directly at one individual chunk of carrot it would disappear but I could still see that the pan had many others mixed in with the peas/sweetcorn, so obviously, it was only happening with parts of the pan that were not the focus of my attention. I tried boith eyes individually and each was the same.

It stopped after 10-15 seconds and I couldn’t make it happen again.

The most likely explanation I can think of is that I was having some kind of colour-blindness with the green of the peas and seeng parts of it as orange/red which my brain filled in as ‘carrot’. But I’ve never had any problems with colour-blindness. A few hours later I had the seeing stars thing, I don’t know if they’re related.


I liked Ashes to Ashes yesterday.


I strongly recommend that if you’ve not seen the ending and if there’s ever a chance you might watch this programme (Or Life On Mars, the UK version, not the US version which had a stupid ending) that you don’t read any further of this entry. This programme is of the kind of quality you’ve only seen in Lost for its first two series.

It was nice that they resolved everything and went with a slightly sad ending instead of something cheesy. The best scene was obviously the not entirely convincing but still brilliant shoot-out. He’s bloody killed my quattro!

10 points for noticing that Raymondo’s sawn off flashes 3 times.

No but seriously, Alex :( it was so awful that she finds out she’s been dead all along and won’t ever get back to her daughter. I am curious to know the exact point at which she died. We know it happened at 9:06, but I don’t know when this corresponded to in the programme. Does anyone know if she’s been dead from the beginning of series 1, or after she awoke from the coma?

Although I have to say that the single most emotional and most incredible point was Shaz seeing a video of herself dying. The song Wonderwall is playing as she moves in to deal with a car thief, then immediately before the confrontation the rhythm serves as tension building music … in perfect synchronisity, Wonderwall comes back right into the foreground and the words cut through “maaaaybeeeee you’re gonna be the one that saves meeee” as she watches herself slump down against the wall, life draining quickly from her. And then she breaks down and screams. Whoever wrote those 20 seconds of television was a fecking genius. It’s all here, first two minutes.

Similarly, seeing Gene struggle not to fall apart when he remembered his own life was quite powerful. And there’s a kind of elegance in the idea that Alex spent 3 series wondering what she was there for, and how she could escape, and it turned out in the end that she was there to help Gene help everyone escape.

I should probably rewatch the series now. It might make more sense. I’d picked up that Keats seemed to do something dubious with Viv, and that reminded me he did something similar, but less obviously incriminating, a few episodes earlier with the undercover female officer who was run over. I’m guessing there are a lot more clues I missed. I’m also guessing that Gene, although he seemed like he’d heavily repressed his own story, knew what Keats was up to all the way through and his final words to the gay-moustache twin he shot, which seemed to send him (Litton? Beaven?) into a bit of a panic, reflected that. He also took Viv’s death REALLY badly so presumably he knew that he’d “lost” him to Keats.


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