actual real life excitement (but this is only a description)

Usually my blog details a fairly boring, some would say utterly dull, life. TODAY however I have true excitement for my reader-base (all 2 of them).

SO at about 2:30PM I was happily doing something I can’t remember (probably drinking tea) when the house across the road’s burglar alarm went off. The road I refer to is at the side of the house, not at the front, and this house is visible from the back of our house. Its alarm sounding is pretty much a daily occurrence, and on many previous occasions I have been tempted to break into their house just to steal the alarm; the ironing, as they say, would be delicious. So I phased it out (technically not phased) and ignored it because the alternative leads only to padded cells, or more likely, just the one, but such quantity does not provide an improvement. Anyway my sister was in the dining room doing some studying (so she claims) from which one can see the house over our wall (yes we have a wall), and after a while she looked up and noticed flashing blue lights.

She rushed upstairs to my room (which has the best view) and informed me that there was a fire engine outside the house. I sauntered over to my window to look and indeed she was correct. After a few minutes of observing firemen standing around the fire engine and getting the hose out and whatnot, I went on a mission to find my glasses so I could actually see, during which time my sister excitedly announced that they’d opened the front door and smoke was coming out. I came back with my glasses to see the situation in high resolution and indeed she was correct, there was A LOT of smoke billowing out, and a second fire engine turned up. It was also coming out of the back of the house in quite generous quantities, and soon after the firemen had navigated and spread throughout the house like a colony of fire fighting ants and had the bedroom windows opened, from which ALSO billowed smoke, but not as much.

Anyway it would be exciting to say that the house burnt down entirely, but in fact despite all the smoke the firemen never seemed to be in much of a rush and we never actually saw any flames, and they’re still living in it as normal so it can’t have been too badly damaged. Unfortunately I fear the burglar alarm survived and its quest to adorn my torso with a new jacket shall continue uninterrupted.

Here is Mr Burns with a mustache. Excellent!


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