Bethesda announce new Fallout game for 2010! I read it on Slashdot.

Maybe i am just too old for computer games…
…but, here is my reaction: “…”. I am sorry Bethesda, it was fun while it lasted but Fallout 3 was hardly brilliant. The combat system was… there is only one word for this, and that word is “shit”. It would have been better scrapping the FPS element and making it third person and having a proper turn based combat system with proper action points instead of your pointless Max Payne VATS system instead. Because aiming perfectly at someone’s chest with a big hunting rifle only to see the wall flash 2 feet away from them because your small arms skill is only at 62% gets old REALLY fast.

In fact you know what, just make it 2d. I am not being facetious. It’s completely unnecessary for it to be 3d, or pretty. And by making it 3d they need a lot more time to create locations and people and content in general. And this showed in F3 where supposedly you could walk across the entire ‘wasteland’ in about 20 minutes, whereas in F1/2 it’d switch to a map view and plot your progress while the ingame clock progressed rapidly.

ALSO it was not very Falloutish. I mean, the Fallout universe has spelling mistakes, dark/obscure humour and MASSIVE power armour. F3 had few if any spelling mistakes, was pretty devoid of humour and power armour made you look about 5’6. For example in F3 you’d never come across a man in the middle of the wasteland infront of a long rickety rope bridge over a canyon wearing a wizard’s robe, and see your character announce to the world in general “I think I should save in a different slot right now”, then proceed to be quizzed on the intricacies of the Fallout 1 engine rules. Things like that make the difference between memorable and brilliant, but unfortunately F3 is more just bland.

The enemies were crap too. You have encountered a giant radscorpion! Which is near impossible to kill! That sucks. In F2 I’d regularly encounter packs of 8 or 9 radscorpions and I’d think “woot XP” and get out my sledgehammer. In F3 I’d think “oh shit” and run backwards shooting it in the face with the biggest gun I have any ammo for and then I probably walk right into another one. That was crap.

And the locations were pretty lazy. F2 had great places like Vault City and New Reno which were very memorable. So was the one with all the scientologists (was it San Diego? *looks at map* no it was San Francisco) and the New California Republic. Broken Hills, the mining town with Marcus the Sheriff, everyone remembers him… especially when he joined your party, and you’re on a cattle drive, and he opens up with his minigun and in one burst not only does he decapitate all your attackers, but he also slaughters all the cattle you’re supposed to be protecting. It’s all memorable.
OTOH F3’s only interesting city was, er, what was it called, the one with the bomb? Barter Town? no that was Mad Max? I don’t fucking know. That’s how memorable it is. Anyway, that’s the first city you see and you think “great!” but then after it turns out it’s the most complicated ecosystem in the whole game you feel a bit cheated. Rivet City was big and boring. The Republic of Dave was pointless. Umm. Paradise Falls was empty. And so on.

Bethesda have also trademarked the name Fallout for TV and Film. Oh no. Please don’t. There are already three Fallout films, they’re called Mad Max 1-3. Unless the third one really was as bad as I remember it in which case we’ll cut it to the first two.

please note it was actually a fairly good game it’s just that since it was a Fallout sequel it should have been no less than perfect.

I liked the Dogmeat and Harold reference, and the Mr Handys’ transition to voiced 3d were superb.

I wrote more about that than I intended to.


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